Authentic Mexican Food Since 1994

In 1994, we started this family restaurant with the idea that people curious in vegetarianism and veganism could come and have healthy, traditional, and delicious food. The menu is all inclusive so that vegetarians and non-vegetarians could enjoy a meal together. These recipes have been passed down from mother to daughter and now to sons.

With each generation that passes there has been adaptations and changes for the better. The one constant is my mom’s philosophy “If you are going to make something, make it with love – from your heart”. So, our food also has love in it. There is no lard, MSG, or animal byproducts in our sauces, rice, beans, or tortillas (all vegetarian).

We get local and sustainable ingredients at our nearby farmers markets. As for our waste, we recycle the vegetable oil and convert it to BioFuel for the catering truck, recycle the bottles by giving them to small local brewers, and compost our scraps!